Fequently Asked Questions for Buyers

Fequently Asked Questions for Buyers


1. How much does it cost to bid?

Registration is free. There is a $9.95 charge per auction.
This fee is referred to as your bidder credit and is ONE PER AUCTION.

Online Impound Auctions does not require you to pay per bid, or per car. $9.95 joins you to the auction where you can bid as much as you like.


2. What is the Deposit/Hold that is required to join an auction?

There is a credit hold that is also required to join an auction.

This is a credit hold, not a deposit. No money is transferred from your credit card to us.
Your hold will be released when
  • You are not a high-bidder on any vehicle in he auction. Online impound releases the hold immediately following the auction close
  • You are winning-bidder and you pay for your vehicle(s)
Note, your bank may take additional time to process the release.

3. I'm a Repeat Buyer. Can I make a single deposit for multple auctions?


We realize that attending multiple auctions creates redundant deposits. Contact us and we can arrange for a long term deposit if you qualify.

How it Works
  • We will make the deposit online via Credit Card and it will be good for 12 months
  • Once deposit makde, you will not be required to perform a deposit on a per-auction basis
The Fine Print
  • Your deposit will be good for 12 months. After 12 months you can request your deposit back, however you will be required to make a credit card deposit
  • We add a $25 per-deposit processing fee, which is non-refundable
  • If you wish to have your deposit returned before the 12 month period, there is a $75 early-cancellation fee
  • If you fail to pay for any vehicle(s) you will forfeit your deposit

4. Are these Impounded Vehicles?

You are aware that vehicles sold by the impound lot are not for highway use, that you are responsible to tow vehicles you purchase at your expense, and that you are responsible to make needed repairs, including emissions and safety repairs, should you attempt to prepare the vehicle for highway use.

5. Do I receive a title for the vehicle?

Most likely No!. Check the vehicle description and seek the Title Papers element.

If the Title Papers field shows Yes, you will receive paperwork to apply for a title.
If the element is No, you will receive a title.

Your state may require you get a VIN# verification, from your local police department to apply for a title, some tow lot will provide this most will not.

6. If a vehicle is branded salvage parts only, can I receive a title?

It may be possible. You would need to check with your state to see what, if any, requirements for inspection exist.

7. Is there anyway to check the status of the title?

The best way is to run a Carfax report, however this is not 100% guaranteed.
If your state will allow a title status, this would be the very best way, however most states will not allow this to the general public.


8. If I buy a vehicle in one state and plan to title in a different state, will the DMV give me a title?

You should call the state you would like to title the vehicle and ask if they will take and out of state court order. (Very few states will take an out of state court order)

9. If I am the high bidder and after paying for the vehicle, can I drive it off the lot?

You would need to check with the tow lot. But, most likely not! Theses vehicles are not sold for Highway use. The tow lot will not have a temp tag for you.
Some states will require the vehicle to meet emission standards before operating on the road. If this is required, it will be up to you to get the vehicle in compliance with your state emission laws.

10. Will the vehicle have a key?

The vehicle listing will indicate if the towing operator has a key for the vehicle.

Seek the Keys element. It will tell you if the towing operator has keys.

12. I buy a vehicle and the vehicle has a dead battery will the impound lot jump start the vehicle?

It is best to check with the impound lot. Some will jump for free, while others charge a fee. And yet others will not allow any work on the lot.

13. Will the vehicle have any warranty?

No! All vehicles are sold AS IS, WHERE IS.

Contact us, if you have another question?