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Online Impound Auctions does not charge the seller a fee to hold an auction. Nor do we charge any hidden fees.
Our business Mantra is Simple, Easy and Fair.
With that, we offer three cornerstone Freebies to you.

No Annual Membership Fees

It simply costs you nothing to signup. And we don't try to lock you in with a membership fee.

No Auction Listing Fees

We charge a fixed per-vehicle fee that you pass to your bidders.
Our overall fees are much cheaper than the competition allowing you to maximize your Per Vehicle Take.

No Charge for Un-Sold Vehicles

When a vehicle goes un-sold at your action, you simply re-list that vehicle at a future auction at no charge.

How Does Pricing Work

Our charge is a simple flat per-vehicle fee that you pass to the winning bidder/buyer.

This fee is:

  • Clearly shown to bidders. Thus, there are no surprises.
  • Added to the Bidder's Notice of Winning Bid we send to both you and the winning bidder.
  • A fee you (seller), collect from the high bidder when they settle on the vehicle.
  • Invoiced to you from Online Impound Auctions
  • You will be invoiced by Online Impound Auctions for the total Auction bidder fees.

    You will make an auction pre-payment/deposit before the auction is activated throught the site.

    While Glove Services

    We offer two fee-based white glove servces to help you be successful. These add-on services can help the time-strapped towing operator launch their auction faster.



    If you are within our geographical range, we will have a photographer visit your location to take vehicle photos.

    Showroom Build Out

    Upload a spreadhsheet to our dropbox, and we will create your showroom for you!