Fequently Asked Questions for Sellers

Fequently Asked Questions for Sellers

1. How much does it cost?

FREE to the You (the seller)! Online Impound Auctions does not charge ANY fees to the towing operator selling cars.

  • No Signup Fees to Join
    It simply costs you nothing to signup. We will perform an Onboarding Session with you before you can use the site.
  • No Annual Fees
    Our competitors use the annual fee as a technique to lock you in. Since our core tenants are customer focused, we don't use this technique. NO ANNUAL FEE!
  • No Hidden Fees of any sort
    It's against our core tenants to find sneaky ways to charge you money. We don't do it.
  • No Relist an Unsold Vehicle Fee.
    When a vehicle doesn't sell, you re-list as many times as needed to sell the vehicle, at no charge.

Online Impound Auctions charges a fee to the bidder. We just ask you (the seller) to collect that fee on our behalf.


2. How Does the Pricing Work?

While Online Impound Auctions does not charge you (seller), Online Impound Auctions charges the bidder/buyer a fee. And we ask you to collect that fee for Online Impound Auctions while you are collecting the vehicle payment.

Our charge is a simple flat per-vehicle fee that you pass to the winning bidder/buyer.

This fee is:

  • Clearly shown to bidders. Thus, there are no surprises.
  • Added to the Bidder's Notice of Winning Bid we send to both you and the winning bidder.
  • A fee you (seller), collect from the high bidder when they settle on the vehicle.
  • Invoiced to you from Online Impound Auctions

You will be invoiced by Online Impound Auctions for the total Auction bidder fees.

You will make an auction pre-payment/deposit before the auction is activated throught the site.


3. I have a vehicle that doesn't sell. Can I relist it?


From time to time, a vehicle you auction doesn't get a bid. This can happen for multiple reasons including:

  • I started the opening price too high
  • I opened my showroom late and didn't attract enough bidders
  • I didn't have appropriate photos
  • And so on...

Good News! You are not charged for any vehicle that didn't gain a winning bid. And, you are free to re-list that vehicle in any future auction.


4. How do your qualify bidders?

Over 10 years, we have learned lowing the barrier for bidders increases the "No Show Winner"

We perform two distinct actions that help us balance i) inviting bidders and ii) ensuring bidders will pay.

Inviting Bidders

We use multiple social and traditional marketing techiques to attract bidders

Vet Bidders

We charge a deposit to join an auction.


99. I have more questions?

We have a more elaborate Knowledge Base for signed up users.


Contact us, if you didn't get your question answserd or you have an other question.